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The Psychology & Science of Fire: An Introduction

  • My Journey Into The Flame
  • The Psychological Stereotype
  • What can Fire do for me?
  • Fire Theory
  • Introduction of the Flame

Fire Manipulation 101: Fundamentals

  • Fire Theory
  • Proper Set-up
  • Fire Kit
  • Basic Application Techniques
  • Theoretical Safety Awareness
  • Proper Clean-up

Fire Manipulation 201: Practice Makes Perfect

  • Practical Safety Awareness
  • Life cycle of a torch/Burn Stages
  • 9 Application Techniques
  • Proper Form Theory

Fire Massage 301: The Therapeutic Flame

  • Demonstration
  • Fire Massage Theory
  • Disease & Ailment Theory
  • Utilizing Specialized Fire Torches

Fire Manipulation 301: Cupping

  • Demonstration
  • Cupping Theory
  • Theoretical & Practical Safety Awareness
  • Application Techniques
  • Class Participation/Practice Time

Fire Manipulation 301 - The Sensual Flame

  • Demonstration
  • Fire Play Theory
  • Creating Mind Fucks
  • Utilizing Specialized Torches
  • Class Participation/Practice Time

Fire Massage 401 - Coming Soon!

Currently in Research Stage

Fire Manipulation 401: The Sensual Flame (Part II)

  • Demonstration
  • Vertical Fire Theory
  • Theoretical/Practical Safety Awareness
  • Equipment types
  • Application Techniques
  • Class Participation/Practice Time

Fire Manipulation 401: The Sadistic Flame

  • Demonstration
  • BDSM & Intention
  • Burn Theory
  • First Aid
  • The Sadistic Flame
  • Application Techniques
  • Pain With Purpose

Fire Manipulation 401: The Birth of the Fire Cane

  • Demonstration
  • Proper Set-up
  • Dismantling the Fire Cane
  • Form Theory
  • Application Techniques

Fire Manipulation 401: The Firegasm

  • Demonstration
  • Fuel Theory & Safety
  • Genitalia Concepts
  • STD & STI Theory
  • Application Techniques
  • Class Participation/Practice Time

Fire Manipulation 401: The Rhythmic Flame

Currently in the Research Stage

Fire Manipulation 401: TBD

Currently in the Research Stage

Personalized Fire Play Lessons

Our fire lessons are tailored to your level of experience and needs. Save time and energy to have the instructor focus on your specific needs as a fire top or bottom.

  • $100- One hour session (Up to 4 people)
  • $25- for additional 30 minutes
  • $25- for each additional attendee over the maximum (4)
  • $35- Demo Bottom fee (If applicable)
  • $15- Demo bottom fee for each additional hour (if applicable)

All supplies can be provided for private lessons. This includes location/space, massage table, fire tools, etc. (Demo Bottom not included). You are required to bring your own demo bottom to the lesson. Note: The Demo bottom does not count toward the group maximum allotted for your session. If you are unable to provide a demo bottom, please let us know in advance and we will provide one for you. The fees, as listed above, are paid to the Demo bottom for their time.

We offer a 10% discount for half day (4 hour) classes, and a 20% discount for full days. This discount applies to base hourly, additional time and additional attendees. This does not apply to Demo Bottom and other fees incurred.

Want Echo to come to you for your private event? We are happy to arrange travel and will discuss compansation beforehand. Just let us know your location when you inquire about your booking.